2013 outfit recap!

I'll start this 2014 with a short and quick post of 'ootd' recap. This morning, I had the patience of tracking down my outfit photos (via Instagram) from the month of January last year. A total of fifty-one documented 'ootd' posts! I've never thought making a collage of past year's outfits would certainly make me feel nostalgic of all the things happened and experienced. So cheers to the new year ahead!!  


  1. Ah, I haven't seen a post on your blog in so long! I remember when I last tried to access it, it wouldn't let me :/
    But that seems to have gone away - yay!
    Great recap of your outfits, Instagram is a great way to keep track of them. Love them all!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. yeah, i haven't posted on this blog for so long,, but i've been really active in instagram since the platform is easier and less time consuming i guess,,

      i don't know if i'll keep this routine or i'll stick in IG,,but i'm planning some changes this year so let's see :)

      thanks for your sweet comment Linda!


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